Monday, March 31, 2008

Home Education Week: Profiles

Dana at Principled Discovery is hosting a week's worth of writing prompts and real world activities to celebrate Home Education Week. Today we are sharing profiles of our homeschooling families.

My oldest son is about to graduate from the public high school, after being homeschooled from 4th through 8th grades. (Exactly where does the time go??) He is duel-enrolled in a local trade school where he has been taking graphic design classes, and will take tests soon to earn certificates of completion for those courses. He is going to my alma mater in the fall! I am so excited and can't wait to give him a tour of the campus...I am not sure he knows me as anyone but "mom", kwim? Not as a young college student lol. He enjoys sports, surfing and fishing (and to my dismay, suntanning.)

Ds2 is 12yo (embarks on the teenage years this summer...sigh...) and is in 7th grade. He has been homeschooled from the start. He is our most outgoing boy. He is funny and sweet and quite artistic. He wants to either work as an artist at Disney or produce his own cartoon series. He enjoys swimming, biking, skateboarding and visiting with all his friends and cousins.

Ds3 is 7yo and in 1st grade. He is my "typical boy" lol. He is the first to endure a broken bone (his elbow, from getting his foot trapped on a backpack strap.) He wants to be part of whatever his older brothers are up to. He is a lego fanatic and his dream came true this year when we visited the Legoland shop at Walt Disney World...his two favorite things in one spot lol. While all my kids love Disney World, he is youngest to go on the "big rides" with his dad. He enjoys making home movies with the camcorder and his lego figures and making Christmas lists on the computer all year long.

Ds4 is 3yo and quite attatched to me. He calls me his "bestest friend." I wasn't planning on doing any formal school work with him this early, but when we started this school year he insisted on joining in. We are doing the Letter of the Week and BFIAR programs with him, and he also listens in on ds3's reading lessons. He has a growing collection of "meow meows" (stuffed kitty cats) and books...he loves to be read to!

Let's see, me...well, I am 40yo, enjoy reading, cooking and reading about cooking, and being with my wonderful family. I have a "thing" for cats...right now we have three, my Katy who is black with green eyes and the "queen" of the kitties, Smokey, ds1's cat who is a calico version of his teenage owner, and Winnie, ds3's kitten, a beautiful white/grey kitty with the most gorgeous blue eyes ever. I enjoy reading blogs and meeting fellow homeschool moms via the internet.

The first photo is of me and ds1...we are both soaking wet after riding Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom. The second photo is me, dh and the little boys...don't they all look thrilled? lol Yep, they love posing for pics with their parents. I enjoyed sharing about our homeschooling family and look forward to visiting with everyone else. Happy Home Education Week!


  1. Marissa wants to complete her last year of high school at the local technical college. She can't decide between Fashion and Store Management or Web Development and Management. Right now she is thinking she will just do whatever has the least math ~

  2. I was wondering where you were! LOL! I lost your blog address and I am so glad I read your comment on someone's blog. Blogger is much easier than HSB for me also. I enjoyed reading your profiles. Have a blessed week!

  3. I really have enjoyed reading your home education week profiles so far. Can't wait to see the rest.
    Somehow I don't think my dd ever thinks I was a teenager either.

  4. It sounds like your oldest is well prepared for college. I'm going to look into dual enrollment for my oldest, too. I've heard that Liberty University has online college classes for homeschooled high schoolers.


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