Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Exercise Challenge

I'm late joining in with this challenge...well, not the exercise part, just the blogging about it part lol. I intended on joining in when this challenge started in February, but I had blog problems and wound up switching here to blogger and blah blah blah. Anyway, this is actually the start of week 4 of exercise for me...Yea Me!! So far I haven't encountered any major obstacles. You know the ones, sickness, appointments, life in general, etc. But I am supposed to be reporting about my progress last week, right? Okay, I use tapes and dvds to exercise with. I did aeorbics on M, W and F and weight lifting with 2lb weights on T and Th. The weight lifting days I used dvds that incorporate some aeorbics as well, so it's a good workout. I am graduating to 3lbs this week. I feel like I am able to complete more of the dvds with less effort. I have not hit the scales yet, just getting into the fitness thing first.

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  1. Hey Julie! Life is just now getting back to normal after my brother's visit, and I wanted to take a minute to welcome you to the challenge! :-)



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