Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Meanderings and Menu Plan 4/14

Time again to plan the week ahead. Thanks to Tiany for hosting this wonderful planning tool.

  • HOMESCHOOL This week we will be doing the second assignment for our nature study. The boys really do enjoy our nature walks. Otherwise we are just plugging away!
  • HOUSEHOLD It was rainy all week last week, so I did not get to shampoo the carpets. Definitely on the list for things to do this week! The tubs both need a good scrubbing as well.
  • PERSONAL The new exercise dvds I ordered arrived last week so I am actually looking forward to using them this week! This marks 5 weeks of exercise for me and I am pretty thrilled.
  • MUST DO We have a couple of dental appt's this week, and I need to get ds1's graduation announcements addressed. Also must make up menus for the next two weeks and clean and cull the pantry and fridge to get ready for my big shopping trip.
  • MENU Good old standbys this week.

Chicken and rice casserole, mixed veggies
Sloppy Joes, chips, veggies and dip
Red beans and rice
Sausage, mac & cheese, lima beans
Hamburgers, fries, corn on cob
Breakfast for dinner
BBQ chicken legs, yellow rice, broccoli

I like the Motivation for Moms message today about taking children to visit relatives and developing relationships. My dad took us to visit his parents a couple of times a month when we were kids and I had a great relationship with my grandma (my grandad died when I was pretty young, but I do remember him.) My own children look forward to their weekly visit with my parents and our family gatherings with dh's parents as well. That's a great message to take to heart. Hope everyone has a blessed and productive week.

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  1. Congratulations on the 5 weeks of exercise!!! I have been trying to get in a minimum of 3 days of exercise a week. I actually exercised 4 days last week! Woohoo!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


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