Friday, April 18, 2008

Show and Tell Friday: Meet Mimi

It's Friday, and time for Show n Tell with Canadagirl (Mary.) This week I'd like to introduce the newest member of our little family...Mimi! We found her a while back scared and meowing like crazy under a car in a parking lot. We've been unable to find an owner, but that's okay...she has blended in with my lot perfectly! She is so cute, black with white paws and chest, so light it feels like you are carrying around a package of cotton balls! She is so tolerant and sweet, she doesn't scratch or bite, and she lets the kiddos carry her around with no problem. We had a hard time naming her at first...the kids suggested "Stinky" because of a little gas problem (since corrected with a proper diet lol) and then we thought about "Raggedy Ann" because of how she goes limp as a rag doll when you pick her up. During a visit with my parents, my Dad said she looked like a miniature version of a cat, so we started calling her "Mini Me" which has finally transformed to Mimi...and it's perfect for her. Sweet and delicate little Mimi.

Thanks for letting me show off the "baby" lol. Have a great weekend!


  1. Your new cat is so cute. She looks a lot like our cat. It is sweet that you rescued her like that. My kids have a habit of bringing home strays too.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh, the name Mimi reminds me of my favorite book as a small child: Mimi the Merry-Go-Round Cat. It was about a small kitten who had no special friends (AKA stray kitten) and is finally adopted by a carnival man. Did you name your kitty after that Mimi?

    I love cats!!!

  3. ahhhh Mimi is very sweet. I think the best thing ever for a family is a cuddly cat.

    Blessings in Him<><


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