Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Reviews

Angela is now hosting this meme, Tuesday Reviews. From her site; "My first meme, I'm so excited about it! If you have a product, book, curriculum, anything that makes life better for you please write a review and then leave a comment and sign Mr. Linky so we can all see the product you are reviewing. I love to write reviews and love to read them so I think this will be so much fun! Feel free to copy the picture above and add it to your sidebar or just use it for your review entry. "

I have been on a bit of an exercise kick lately and thought I would share about one of my new favorite workout dvds.

I love using tapes and dvds to workout at home. But for me to buy one it needs to be well worth the money I spend on it. I got this dvd off Amazon for less than $10 and it is well worth that as you get so many workouts in one package! Denise Austin offers three levels of intensity (low, medium and high) for aerobics, upper body, lower body and ab workouts. No fancy equipment here, just some light weights and a chair. There is a menu screen where you can truly customize your routine...this morning I picked the low intensity cardio (20 minutes) and the medium intensity upper and lower body routines (each 10 minutes.) After you finish picking and choosing you hit play and your custom workout is ready! On days when you just want aerobics you can choose that, or opt for a complete workout, including a stretch. Another notable option for this dvd...you can choose to play the workouts with music and Denise's comments, or just the music (some people find Denise a little too, uh, cheerful.) I have had and used this dvd for 3 weeks now and there are still some routines I haven't tried. In my opinion this dvd is a great value that will stave off the boredom you may encounter with working out at home. Head on over to Angela's site for more reviews and to join in on the fun.


  1. I'll have to check our library system for this - sounds like a good one.


  2. I really want to look into this, I have been looking for a great exercise dvd, this one looks perfect. Of course I have to get my ankle better first, bummer! Thanks so much for partcipating in Tuesday Review, I'm so happy with all the different products that have been shown today! Hopefully each week we will get more and more.


  3. Sounds like a good video. I need to try an exercise video, but I am having no motivation for exercise lately.


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