Thursday, June 19, 2008

But I'm Not There!

Today is the last day for my kiddos swim lessons. The day they get to dive off the big diving boards (ds2 the 12yo.) The day they get to don life vests and swim in the deep end (ds3, 7yo.) The day they get their little "report cards," listing their accomplishments and noting whether they move up to a new level or not. And I'm not there. Ds4 is sick. It started on Tues, when he quit in the middle of his swim lessons. I didn't think much of it. Then that night he had a red, swollen, yucky eye. Then later he threw up and started running a fever. Turns out he has adenovirus and guess when and where you get that? During the summer, in swimming pools of course! I thought he would at least be up to going and watching the older boys today, but nope. So my oldest is helping out by taking the two other boys to their lessons. And I'm missing out. Pardon the pity party, but I feel a little like I put in all the work of dragging them out of bed, packing the towels and change of clothes, bringing drinks and snacks, driving the 30 min there and back for the past two weeks, and I miss out on seeing their bright little faces filled with huge smiles as they enjoy their last lessons (the fun ones lol.) I won't be there to greet ds3 with a towel and an apple (his favorite after swim snack.) I won't be there to watch ds2 dive off the big board. But, I will be there when they get home and run in the door, filled with excitement and chlorinated water, bursting at the seams to tell me all about it. And I am here now with my youngest, making sure he feels better. Thank you Lord, for the true gift and blessing of Motherhood, and the 4 gifts and blessings You have bestowed on me.

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