Sunday, June 29, 2008

Exercise Challenge


Becca at Mission of Motherhood hosts this weekly exercise challenge to help keep us accountable for our fitness goals.  I have not been able to exercise much the past two weeks...ds4 has been ill, and anyone with a 3yo knows just how demanding they are when they are well, let alone when they are not.  Add to that the fact that he willingly shared said illness with me, and you see why it has truly been an "exercise challenge" for me.  We are both on the mend, however, and I was able to fit in 3 days of workouts.

I earned an amazon gift certificate for a survey I completed or something, and I spent it on new exercise videos/dvds.  I am excited that I was finally able to try them lol. 


I really liked this Leslie Sansone dvd, Walk Strong.  It alternates walking with weight lifting.  It was very challenging and after taking two weeks off, my muscles definitely noticed lol!  The only things I had concerns with, were that there was an emphasis on lower body and less on upper body, and that she didn't cover all of the lower body.  She worked the thighs plenty, but not the hamstrings or glutes, and worked the inner but not the outer thighs.  I compensated by doing some on my own.


This video is older but actually quite challenging and fun.  It's a three mile walk, set in Leslie's living room.  Leslie leads mile one with her typical marching, kicks, knee lifts and side steps.  But for mile two, another instructor takes over and really livens things up!  She adds more moves and ups the pace and really keeps things interesting.  I wasn't even going to do all three miles, but it went by pretty quick.  The third mile Leslie is back in charge, and the group dons this belt and works upper body some, but you can certainly do the workout without the belt thing.  Whew, it was a challenge!

I have also started exercising in the evenings as opposed to first thing in the morning.  I am able to do the longer workouts since my dh is home with the kids (although they all constantly interrupt me lol!)  I think I'll keep this up at least until we start school again.  Hope everyone had a fit week!


  1. I just love her DVD's! It is hard to fit the exercise in at times. My grandson is coming and it's going to be hard for the next two weeks finding opportunities to exercise.

  2. Julie, I'm glad you and your boy are feeling better and that you were able to fit in some exercise! I also exercise at night. I wait till the kids are in bed. One Saturday I exercised in the afternoon, and my two year old kept laying down on me while I was trying to do crunches. LoL


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