Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 Minutes for Books: What's On Your Nightstand


Wow, I cannot believe it has been a month already since we last met for this carnival!  5 Minutes for Books hosts several carnivals for readers like myself and I love participating in them.  This time, we get to show what is on our nightstand!


Well, I'll tell 'ya, besides being a fun meme that lets us get to know each other a little more, this is also quite the motivator to get me to clean off my nightstand lol. ;)  Here is what is currently residing there.


Okay, we have Jane Eyre, which I am reading for another 5 Minutes for Books carnival.  It's quite an old copy I have had since high school!  Next is the 7th book in the Princess Diaries series.  Yep, I know, they are books for "tweens", but it really is a cute series and I have enjoyed reading them a lot.  Next is Twilight, the first in a series that I saw reviewed at (of course) 5 Minutes for Books.  I like books in a series, and although the subject matter of this one isn't quite my cup of tea, I'm going to give it a try.  Finally there is my favorite crockpot cookbook (see this post for explanation) and another cookbook I checked out from the library.

Don't look to the left of the book pile (and to the right either, even though it's not pictured) as you will see the huge piles of magazines awaiting my perusal.  I've been doing so much book reading, I have neglected my periodical pursuits.  ;)  I don't actually buy or subscribe to that many mags, I got a lot of them free from the homeschool convention I went to and my mom and I also exchange mags.


  1. I keep seeing the Twilight series on a lot of these posts. I guess I'm going to have to look into them! Don't worry about the stack of magazines. I have a pile too!

  2. My magazine pile is getting ready to topple right over -- I need to deal with it! I recently picked up Twilight, after loving The Host by the same author. Haven't read it yet, though.

  3. I was skeptical about the Twilight series as well...I had never read any vampire books before. But I loved this saga. The author did a wonderful job of keeping it clean/ungruesome. You should also give The Host a try. I enjoyed it as well.

  4. I love reading YA books, there are many really good ones and they are quick reads!

  5. Wow! You are ahead of the game and already reading Jane Eyre! I am impressed!

    Yes, my pink fuzzy thing is a bookmark. :)

    Happy Reading!

  6. I have been seeing the Twilight series all over the place. I might have to look into one of those for the trip to the beach :-)

  7. Yeah, now I feel bad about your Jane Eyre thing, because I haven't even read P&P yet!! However, I am going to need to get to Jane Eyre, because I think it's longer.

  8. Jane Eyre is fabulous--one of my fav's!


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