Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Desert Animals Lapbook

Ds3 studied desert animals in Sept. and we made a lapbook from his endeavors.  All the items for the lapbook come from Homeschoolshare and are free!

Here are the books we read for our studies.

hw7CA2EJGNU hw7CAAVN2RN hw7CAVYPI5I hw7CAGXSBNM hw7CAH2AQ55 He really liked the one titled Desert above as it showed the animals in the desert from a fun point of view.  It started with an ant and says "Someone sees the ant..." and it describes who sees it and the next page shows it's a scorpion!  Then someone sees the scorpion, etc.  He did not like the Magic School Bus book, which saddens me.  He thinks he is too old for cartoons and childish drawings (he's only 7 and I don't think the Magic School Bus is all that childish.)

100_5881 100_5882

Here's the cover and the inside.  Very simple lapbook but he learned a lot and enjoyed making it.  I enjoyed that it was all done for me. ;)  What we did was pick an animal, read about it in the books, look it up on the internet and then complete the booklet for that animal for the lapbook.  Can't beat that for free!


  1. I love the lapbooks. I think the kids learn more from the hands on approach.
    BTW, I liked your review for Teachable Moments. I always hate books that imply if you do this and that, your child will turn out to be a perfect student.

  2. These look really great! I think I may borrow this for our MFW ECC Habitat study. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Love the lapbook. I am starting the girls first one soon on endangered animals in Florida. Thanks for some great ideas!


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