Thursday, September 11, 2008

Outdoor Hour Challenge #28: Dragonflies


I had all intentions of taking the kiddos into town to the riverwalk so we could observe dragonflies.  Never did happen, but we got to observe some anyway in a most peculiar setting.  It was a reminder to me to be aware of "teachable moments" and not worry so much about doing things according to plan. :)

My oldest started college and his first job this year.  He needed a book returned at the campus in town but had to work so I offered to drive in and run the errand for him.  When the boys and I got to the school bookstore I realized I did not have my purse.  I could not buy the book he did need, show my i.d. for the returned book, etc.  Luckily the hospital where dh works is very near the college and I was able to borrow a phone and get him to meet me and help out.  While we were waiting (outside, on the campus green) we noticed tons of dragonflies buzzing around.  The kiddos started chasing them and I realized it doesn't matter where or when, nature study can happen any old time.  We discussed the different types we saw and had a good time just playing.

When we got home I seized the opportunity to follow up on the dragonfly adventures.  I printed up some fact sheets and got the boys to journal about their experiences. 


This is ds4's journal entry.  Too cute, I know.  The scribbles at the top and bottom are mimicking my notations of his descriptions to me.


Ds2's entry.  He noted about the lifespan of the dragonfly.


My humble contribution.  I also added a sunflower (two birds, one stone lol.)  Ds3 did not participate in the journaling this time.

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  1. Isn't it great when the nature comes to you? I think this is the biggest message that families can learn from the Outdoor can happen at any time and when it does come at unexpected times, all the better. It becomes just part of life.

    I applaud you for seizing the opportunity and then following up.

    Great job,
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom


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