Friday, November 14, 2008

Destination Disney: Epcot

Heidi at Reviews by Heidi hosts Destination Disney.  This week's theme is Epcot.  Epcot is a great park with plenty to do, but it is probably my 3rd favorite.  Can't really explain why, it just is.  Now my teenagers just love it.  On our recent trips when nighttime rolls around and we parents and younger kids are worn out, the older boys get to take the bus and hit a park for a few hours sans family.  They most always pick Epcot.  I think last time they simply rode Test Track as many times as they could lol.

   I do love one thing the most about Epcot:  The Garden Grill restaurant.  It is our absolute favorite place to do a character meal. :)  The last two years we have celebrated ds1's bday there.  They give him a free cake and the characters and waiter come and sing and make a big deal.  Here is the reason we all love this's a restaurant and a ride!  It actually rotates (very slowly, believe me, as I am the queen of motion sickness lol) and you get to peek down at the Living With The Land ride as you enjoy your meal.  Plus the food is fresh and wonderful!  Now my boys (including my dh) will eat burgers and fries for every meal on a Disney trip...I kid you not, every meal.  I just can't do that. :P  At the Garden Grill they all eat the child's version (chicken strips, fries and mac & cheese) and I eat to my heart's content from the adult offerings (fried catfish, grilled steak, fresh veggies oh yum!)  They bring the food to your table "family style" which means they bring large serving platters filled with the food and you serve yourself there at the table.  They refill the platters as often as necessary.   Oh, and desert is cream with topping for the kids and some wonderful bread pudding or other indulgence for the adults.

The other thing we do love about Epcot is that it hosts several fun festivals during the year.  So no matter when or how often you go, you can experience something different!  Our favorite is the International Flower and Garden Festival in the spring.  Not only do you get to see amazing flower displays, visit a butterfly house and attend "workshops" and other fun things, but they have concerts every day of some oldie but goodie entertainers.  We went one year when Davy Jones was performing and it was the best!  And now for the pictorial portion of our post. :)

scan0001 Peter Pan topiary near Spaceship Earth.


 scan0002 Ds1 (with ever present headphones in ears) outside a vegetable garden display.

scan0003 Ds3 learning about growing beans.  Inside that takeout box was some bean seeds that he did indeed plant when we got home and they grew just fine. :)


  1. Great post! I've been hearing lots of great things about the Garden Grill restaurant. I wonder if it's too late to get reservations, or if we'll even need them in January.
    Thanks for playing along with Destiation Disney.

  2. The Garden Grill would be a must stop on my list too. I couldn't handle hamburgers every meal.
    Your ds1 reminds me of my daughter with the ever present headphones. : )


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