Monday, November 17, 2008

Outdoor Hour Challenge#33: Trees-Oaks


It's been awhile since we've completed an Outdoor Hour challenge!  This will be our last one for the tree focus, as we don't have any of the other trees featured in the remaining challenges, and the boys are anxious to move on to the weather focus. :)

We enjoyed a beautiful, cloudless, brisk day for our walk today.  Sunny but cool and a slight breeze.  We observed the oak in our own front yard, noting it's acorns, leaves and branches.

100_6982 The acorns were small, round and medium brown.

100_6979 Here ds2 shows the "meat" of an acorn.  He was curious as to whether or not acorns were edible so we researched online.  They are!  Most are quite bitter, though.  He then admits to me that he had already tasted an acorn before, during a walk with my father lol. 

100_6981 Here is ds4 sitting in the shade of the tree, drawing acorns. :)

100_6983 Cute!

We took a short walk down the street (as long as my broken toe could stand lol) and found a large oak with different acorns in a neighbor's yard. 


100_6986 These acorns were more oval in shape and we found them in various colors, from green to light brown to practically black.

100_6989 Boys will be boys...they had to stop and see what's behind the fence. lol.  That area used to be open and had access to a little creek and wooded area.  That's where my father would take the boys for walks.  They would often find lizards, turtles and even snakes!  Since they built the neighborhood behind our subdivision this area was "developed" and what was left has been cordoned off.

100_6997 When we got home the boys all made journal entries.  Ds3 is making his weather entry...a tornado and rain.  Don't ask why, I don't know either. :P

100_7007 Ds4 drawing again.  Note the stuffed kitty by his side. :)

100_7009 Ds2 drawing the oak.  Ds3 performing a move from Harry Potter.

100_7013 Ds2's rendition of the oak in our yard.  A wonderful way to spend part of our homeschool morning. :)


  1. This is a fantastic nature study! I love acorns and oaks and I think your family did a great job on covering them in your Outdoor Hour.

    I love the nature journal.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. I love to take nature walks with the kids. Although I can't really get my son to draw in his nature journal.
    Rain and a tornado, huh? That is one weather scene I could do without. lol


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