Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cats On Tuesday


This is my first time participating, although I have enjoyed seeing this meme for a while now.  I have 4 beautiful, unique kitties and they bring me much joy and fun. :)  In my house this is the kitty hierarchy...

100_5347 First is Smokey, ds1's cat.  He is about 5 years old and that serious look he is giving is very indicative of his nature.  He's the boss and he lets all the other kitties know it!

100_7219 Next is Katy.  Though she is the old lady of the bunch (going on 11!) she only ranks second among the cats in authority.  She is very picky, and partial to me, although she never sits in anyone's lap...not even mine.  The best she will do is cuddle with me in bed. :)

100_5353 Ah, Winston.  Or Winnie as we call him.  What a sweetie.  He's a little over a year old and still quite the kitten.  He is a big cat but tries his best to fit into small spaces.  He wants to be everyone's friend, but of course Smokey and Katy will have none of it.

100_5842 Finally there's my Mimi.  Oh doesn't she just make your heart melt?  She is so loving and tolerant, and my own "executive assistant" as dh calls her, as she follows me around and "helps" me with my chores.  She is all about peace and love.

But there is one thing in this house that trumps them all...

100_7160 Yep, this is truly the king in the cat hierarchy. LOL


  1. Lovely cats. And I can see they rule your life just as Au and Target run ours. Welcome to Cats on Tuesday! And thanks for dropping by. Catch up next week to learn more about Smokey, Katy, Winston and Mimi.

  2. Katy reminds me of the two cats I had as a child. Thanks for sharing your pics!


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