Friday, January 30, 2009

Book Review: Dewey

I guess I should make it clear that the “book reviews” I do are simply my own ramblings about books I personally buy, borrow or steal (JUST KIDDING!)  I’m just giving my own thoughts and views on the book, and hope that maybe it might benefit someone.  I know I like to hear opinions from “real” people who have read books I may be interested in.  I’ve had a few people who have seen how many books I read and have contacted me about sending books for me to read and review here…but I get all antsy when someone tells me what to read and when (I think that’s why I never last long in book clubs lol) and I give some pretty harsh opinions sometimes so I turn the offers down.  :P  Disclaimer over with, on with the review!

Dewey I am a cat lover (gasp! who knew! :0) so of course I was drawn to this book.  Aw, just look at that face!  Anyway, Dewey is the story of the poor little kitty in Iowa that was stuffed in a library book return chute on a freezing night and thankfully rescued the next morning by the library staff.  Eventually he was “adopted” by the library and lived there a long and happy 19 years.  The story is told by the head librarian, the woman who rescued and adopted Dewey.  While he was officially her cat, she “loaned” him to the people of the small town.  Vicki Myron did a good job with the book, although you can tell it’s a first time novel, and it feels a little like her editors chopped up the story in some places.

You not only get the story of Dewey himself, but a charming description of the small Iowa town and it’s surrounding areas, some bits and pieces of a few library patrons’ stories, and some of Vicki’s own story.  Vicki often contradicts herself in her writing and at some points even admits to it…which in my opinion doesn’t make it right.  (Makes me think of that Will Ferrell movie where he is a Nascar driver and always says “With all due respect” before making mean or harsh statements lol.)  I’ll admit I skimmed through some of the chapters that had longish background stories leading up to a connection with Dewey’s involvement…hey, I wanted a good cat story after all. :)  In the end, Dewey is a good cat story, and a good story about a small town and it’s trials and triumphs over a few rough decades.  :)


  1. It sounds like a good book. I loved the review of Brokeback Mountain! I had always been curious about the book. : )

  2. Julie,

    We must have watched the same episode. I was also very impressed when Michelle Duggar didn't take the bait and criticize her husband's hairspray. I was very impressed by that!



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