Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Seeing Double



100_8134 Mimi and Katy were playing with our eyesight this weekend, one on the inside and one on the outside and both striking the same pose at the front window.  If it weren’t for the little patches of white, Mimi could be Katy’s “mini me.”  :)  Not that queen Katy would allow that, of course.  Maybe for Katy it was like looking in the mirror to her youth…younger, thinner, more agile.  Hey, we’ve all been there lol.

Head on over to Gattina’s for more cat antics.  Happy Tuesday, Cat Lovers!


  1. That's a real funny picture, lol ! One in one out !

  2. They are too cute, what a fun photo.

  3. It must be warm where you are. Our "kat" has to stay in it's so darn cold around here. Ok silly me your from the Sunshine State!!!
    Happy COT
    Claudie from Canada

  4. Love the picture and the "mini" me comparison!
    I also have a black cat he's named Spooky Do,
    the only male cat at our house. Happy COT!

  5. A philosophical experiment to test the meaning of "me"? A cat installation art exhibition? Whatever they're up to, they look lovely! Happy cot.

  6. Thank you for your well wishes on my CoT Post.
    Love your seeing double pictures. Cute kitties!


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