Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pool Pics

I tell ‘ya, I’m just about “pooled” out lol.  The boys and I go down and swim at least twice a day, and I’m beginning to get a little water logged! :)

100_8834 The boys, however, cannot get enough.  It really is a beautiful pool, a beautiful hotel all around actually…we are at an Embassy Suites, and I would recommend it if you happen to have the chance.

100_8844 100_8845 The walls have murals of ocean creatures, and my youngest and I pretend we are swimming in the ocean.

100_8846 Yea for floaties!

100_8840 What wonderful form!  If only he didn’t have to hold his nose. :)  Dh thinks he will be finished with his work tomorrow, so we will be heading out in the morning.  There is talk of squeezing in a stop at Disney World on the way back home…guess we’ll see!  I would of course love it, but I do miss my ds1 at home…and my kitties!


  1. I like embassy suites too. Glad you are enjoying your vacation. I think we are planning on doing some traveling with my hubby during spring break.
    Of course, we'll probably be freezing in the mountains. : )

  2. Looks like your trip is lots of fun! Glad to hear you all are enjoying the trip.


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