Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Road Rage


IMG_0985 Hey, Winnie, the light is green, you can go.

IMG_0983Honk, honk, the light is green, go already!!

IMG_0984I’ll go when I’m ready, Mimi, stop being a back seat driver!

Well, as you can see, the cats survived 11 days without their “mama.”  My oldest ds stayed home and took care of them while we were on our vacation.  He said they all stopped eating the day before we got back, but not to worry, they have all ended the hunger strike lol.  Here you see Mimi and Winnie playing in some boxes we got in the mail.  What fun those two have together. :)  To see more kitty fun head over to Gattina’s and join in on Cats On Tuesday.  It’s good to be back!


  1. Boxes are the best cat toys. Big box, small box...ours can't resist them. Great pics!

  2. That's too funny. Peeve does not like Sassie, so they probably won't ever play like this.

  3. Mimi: Ok, ok...! I get it! You go whenever you want to go! I will not argue with you! (Just dont come into my box, you @?!%^)

    LOL! Sorry Julie, just can't help it!

  4. Hahaha ! that's typical car discussions ! The both look excellent, so they didn't suffer from your absence !

  5. Good to see you are home again - and under the velvet paw :-)

    Au is nuts about boxes! Target plays in them with Au but is otherwise more a string and hairband kitty.

    Going to a second hand book fair tomorrow. Looking out for something less heavy than your summer reading.

  6. Oh yes your cats had fun when you are not at home.
    And your sons seems to be a good catsitter :o)

    I´m late because I was off yesterday and came back late and tired. I used in my post a tick card.( size of a paycard) You can buy those tick removers in German pharmacies.

    Your book in the other post sounds interesting. I read just Breaking Dawn and when I´m ready I would like to read Whisper of the Dead from Simon Beckett.
    Have a great day!


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