Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Disney Trip Report: Day 1

Okay, we left Jacksonville and headed straight for Disney!  It was a Saturday and I knew Magic Kingdom and Epcot would both be packed so we opted for Animal Kingdom.

IMG_0325 The boys and I at the base of the Tree of Life.  I gotta tell ‘ya, I really and truly appreciate the fact that we do not have hard water where we live.  After a week of bathing in Central Florida water my hair was dead!  It just laid there on my head and died. :(  Anyway, the first thing we did was hit the safari ride.

IMG_0340 IMG_0347 Got pretty close to a giraffe, huh? 

IMG_0357 If you click this pic of the mommy and baby elephant you’ll see the baby has his trunk on top of his head…too cute. :)

IMG_0374 IMG_0375 After the safari we walked the Pangani trail.  Here is my little bird spotter checking out the fish.

IMG_0384 My two monkeys.

IMG_0385A real one!  Well, a gorilla actually.

IMG_0405 On to Dinoland.  Check out the size of that footprint.

IMG_0411 Triceratops Spin!  It’s like Dumbo, but with dinosaurs.

IMG_0423 We always like to take an afternoon break and head back to the hotel to freshen up.  Doesn’t this look like a postcard?  It’s our wonderful 2nd hotel of the trip, The Embassy Suites just outside the back gate of Disney.  They had an indoor and outdoor and kiddie pool and a playground (right next to the kiddie pool…what fun!)  A super way to cool off and relax.

IMG_0426 After our break we headed to Epcot.  They are having their Flower and Garden Festival and it is soooo beautiful there.  Snow White and the dwarves are just inside the gate.  Of course the first ride we go on is “the big golf ball” aka Spaceship Earth.  It has changed a bit and at the end you get to see a video of your future with your pictures in it.

IMG_0434 Ds made that goofy face every time!  We had dinner at the Electric Umbrella and ate outside next to the water display.

IMG_0441  How can you not be relaxed when you are near this?

IMG_0453 Dh and the older boys went on Test Track (thanks to a stranger handing us unused Fastpasses!) so ds4 and I headed to Minnie’s Butterfly House and found this nearby…Pixie Hollow Fairy Garden, with displays of all the fairies in topiary and a small playground for little ones.

IMG_0454 IMG_0456 IMG_0455 Isn’t just beautiful?  We went around dusk so it was nice and cool and just so peaceful.  Disney has really improved on the Flower and Garden Festival over the years, making it much more interactive and fun for the whole family.

IMG_0461 IMG_0472 Ds plays in the garden and makes a friend on the playground. :)  We all went to The Living Seas after that and braved the stand-by line for Soarin’…none of us had ever been on it before.  Yep, it was completely worth the 45 minute wait.  We were the last bunch to get on the ride before the park closed.  It was amazing!  And so completes day 1 at Disney.  Magical as always.


  1. Looks like SOO much fun.
    So glad you all had a MAGICAL time!!

  2. I didn't know that my daughter's school always takes a senior trip to Disney until today. I asked how much it would cost.
    She said, "Expensive, but you can pay in installments."
    I am now preparing myself for the actual cost!!!


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