Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disney Trip Report: Day 3 Pop Century and Epcot

Before we had the extra trip to Jacksonville tacked on to this vacation, this day was supposed to have been our first day at Disney…now it was day 3!  But it was our first in our resort hotel, the Pop Century. 

IMG_0729 Who can resist a giant Rubik’s Cube? 

I have lost my notes from this trip, my ds2 has my camera and memory card (lucky bum is on his way to New Orleans with my brother to see Jim Gaffigan) so I’m kinda winging it here…don’t blame me if some of my recollections don’t jive.  :)  I remember we left our Embassy Suites hotel and checked into the Pop Century.  We had to wait a little while for a room to be ready and I want to say we ate lunch in the food court while waiting.  Oh, and the boys checked out the arcade.  Can anyone say Guitar Hero?

IMG_0649 IMG_0657

Ds2 and ds3 (aka the guitar playing flamingo lol.)  After exploring the hotel a bit we headed back to Epcot.

IMG_0672 The boys and I outside of Spaceship Earth.



We went on Journey Into Imagination a cute ride starring Figment.  After the ride you can play in the Kodak interactive area.

IMG_0689 Outside the ride is an area with “jumping water.”  It cycles back and forth between those red rimmed pads.

IMG_0695 Oops, got too close!




We split up for some reason and ds4 and I got to spend some quality time together.  We went straight for Living Seas.  I love the manatee exhibit.

IMG_0714 Here is ds at the “KidCot” station where he got to decorate a cutout of a shark and a dolphin to wear around his neck.  Well, most of the time I wound up wearing it. :)

IMG_0716 After we gazed at all the wonderful sea life we  went to Turtle Talk With Crush, a fun interactive show where Crush from Nemo is displayed on a screen and actually interacts with the audience, answering questions and all.  It’s super cute.  In the waiting area ds and I took a quiz about sea life on some computers and had fun watching these rays.  Sometimes it felt a little odd to separate as a family, but in retrospect I really enjoyed these alone times with ds4.  Not so much because we don’t have these times enough at home lol, but because he got to do just what he wanted, got to go at his own pace and I think enjoyed himself more.

IMG_0721 Here we are as we were leaving the park.  See my necklace lol?  We only hit the one park this day and headed back to the hotel for some watery fun.

IMG_0735 Ds was not impressed at all with this kiddie area near the main pool, so we joined dh and the big boys in the big one.  Another wonderful, relaxing and magical day with my family.  :)

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