Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: The Past


Over the years I have been blessed many times with a surprise cat addition to our family.  You know, one where the cutie just shows up and stays or crosses your path and you are forever more connected.  I wonder, with these cats, about their past.  Is it a good past or a bad one?

IMG_1317 Currently Mimi, the queen of world peace, is the only member of our cat family that I do not have a history for.  We found Mimi under a car at the Wal-Mart parking lot.  From the moment we brought her home she has been, well, at home.  She had no problems whatsoever adjusting to us, fitting in with the other cats, or accepting us as her own.

IMG_1363 Mimi never strays from our yard.  She lets any and everyone pick her up and love on her.  She is the most good natured cat I have ever owned.

IMG_1372 But where do you come from Mimi?  Why were you in that parking lot?  Why did no one claim you?  You are so sweet, so accommodating, so absolutely undemanding…how could anyone let you go?

The only clue I have ever come up with to her past…Mimi HATES when I raise my voice.  And you know in this house full of boys that that happens on a daily basis (in order to keep the peace, dish out commands and just generally be heard.)  Mimi will look up at me and run when I do raise my voice.  She just can’t stand it.  And it doesn’t have to be a scream or even a good yell…just anything above my normal register.  Maybe her previous caretakers were too loud?  Dare I say they may have actually yelled at her?  (Oh, I just can’t imagine that, she is the queen of world peace, after all.)


I am just so so thankful that I have had the opportunity to help Mimi build a new past.  One she and I may look back on and be happy with.  Filled with love and affection and as little yelling as I can get by with. :)

So how about you?  Any cats in your life with an unknown past?  Ever imagined what they may have endured before you?  Let me know!  And head over to Gattina’s blog for more cat love. :)

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  1. Hi Julie

    Mimi is such a beautiful kitty with unique black and white combinations. Both of you are lucky to have found each other!

    My current cats, I only don't know Oreo's past, except he was a stud to a breeder, who got him from another owner. You can do anything to him and he delights to your touch, but never try to carry him. He will struggle and even scratch you to get down. So we can probably guessed what happened before?

    Julie, hop over to my blog for a special story.


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