Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Gap


Ds3 is sporting a new look.


It’s known around these parts as “the gap.”


I am LOVING this boy’s toothless grin. :)  These pics were taken in the car on the way to Jacksonville on an unexpected trip with dh.  The boy’s tooth fell out right there on the 7 hour drive!  He just had to test the whole “tooth fairy will find your tooth no matter where you are” theory I guess lol.  Now this child waits until the last minute to let go of his teeth.  He is almost 9 and has lost less than 5 teeth so far.  The dentist is not really worried, it’s just that his new teeth come in before the old ones leave and may cause some crowding issues down the road.  But for now?  I heart that boy and his beautiful smile.  I really do. :)

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