Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pitchman (Well, woman actually.)


The Happy Housewife is hosting a weekly meme where we get to showcase our purging/organizing/decluttering efforts around the house.  This week I tackled my front closet.

IMG_1385 Before.  Yeah, I know.  Wow.

IMG_1421 After.  Wow.  In a good way. :)

I debated taking out the jackets and storing them but decided against it.  It just seemed like a lot of work now and in the future when I have to drag them back out.  Plus my dh does travel a bit for work and sometimes it’s to not so sunny climates.  So I just hung the jackets up properly, zipped zippers, buttoned buttons and weeded out the ones that didn’t fit anyone anymore.  Hats and scarves went to a box on the shelf.

IMG_1423 IMG_1424

Here’s what I pitched.  Not too bad, the trash bag is only 1/2 full and it’s mainly broken hangers.  The stroller and extra jackets are headed to the Goodwill.


Mimi got the box. :)  Got the Itch To Pitch?  Head over to the Happy Housewife and join in. :)


  1. Nice work, it feels so good to have a little order, doesn't it? Empty boxes certainly have a way of attracting cats!

  2. Wow! Great job. I love seeing your pile for Goodwill. It helps you and someone else! Thanks for participating!


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