Monday, July 27, 2009

Itch To Pitch: Spice Cabinet


I am still hanging in there with the Itch To Pitch challenge hosted by The Happy Housewife.  I still really need to tackle my bedroom closet, but I’ll have to be in a real good mood to start that one lol.  Today I decided to clean out the spice cabinet.

IMG_1941 Yikes.  Three shelves and it’s still not enough!  For one thing, the cabinet is too high for me, I can only really reach the bottom shelf.  For another thing, the shelves are deep and I can’t reach the back of them for anything, not even on a step stool!  How can I manage to organize this with these limitations?

IMG_1945 Yes, this little shelf thingy comes in handy.  I took it and the liner out to clean them and discovered another shelf thingy stacked under the first!  How funny is that?  I was planning on making my own and now I don’t have to. :) 

IMG_1946 After.  Much cleaner, much nicer.  I stored things based on frequency of use…the bottom shelf holds items I use often, the second shelf not so often, etc.  And I brought it all to the front of the shelves…easier to see and reach.  Found out I had an unopened container of Cajun spices (and we just bought more yesterday to make gumbo…silly us.)  Also firmly believe that red food dye is evil and should be banished.  Other than an empty can of pepper and a really old container of celery seed (what in the world could I have ever bought that for?) I didn’t really pitch much.  Join in on the organizational fun and cure your Itch To Pitch!

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  1. Nice job! I really need to do my spice cabinet too. I usually end up knocking bottles into my trash can when I get into mine :(


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