Monday, July 27, 2009

Picture Practice



Is there a difference in the pictures you take when you use camera settings other than “auto"?  We are about to find out.

Disclaimer:  This only applies of course to my non-existent photography skills and my lovely little camera, a Cannon PowerShot SD790 IS Digital Elph.  And no, I have no idea what all that means.  Thank you for listening.


One of my lovely hibiscus plants out front is blooming.  It is spectacular!  I took multiple shots of the same bloom with different camera settings.  Note too that it was overcast and a little windy.

IMG_1901  First shot, auto setting.

IMG_1902 Second shot, foliage setting.  Maybe just slightly brighter?  A little more color?  The ant that bit my toe made me lean in a little more?

IMG_1903 Third shot, Iso 3200.  No idea what that means, but obviously not as good as the previous shots.

IMG_1904 Fourth attempt, Macro setting.  Hmm, not loving this one either.  Oops, got my foot in on that one. :)

IMG_1905 Last one, Macro and foliage.   And my foot again.

Okay, sorry, but the best one in my opinion is the first!  Auto setting rules lol.  I have found this to be true most all of the time.  I’ve had my new camera since April now and have gotten to try using some of the other settings in their intended locales…the beach setting on the beach, fireworks setting on the fourth, kids and pets setting on my kids and cats.  I haven’t ever found one of the specific settings to give me a better shot than plain old auto.  I could very well be doing it all wrong, but that’s just my humble experience.  Who are we kidding?  I probably am doing it all wrong, but that’s why Canon invented the auto setting, for people like me.  :)  Thank you Canon.

I am linking this up to A Familiar Path, a wonderful blog with some really good pics by a woman who doesn’t need the auto setting…and she is being kind enough to teach those of us who do how to not do.  What?  Okay my fish oil pill has not kicked in this morning lol.  Anyway, head over to A Familiar Path if you want to see some good pics and learn just how to take them yourself. 




  1. you are hilarious! and ruining my theory that auto pictures aren't always the best! (sometimes they are though).
    next time when using your macro setting try to get much closer. that's what it allows you to do, focus on closer objects.

    and iso is coming up next. yes, 3200 is bad. especially for outdoors in bright light.

  2. I like the way you did the same shot on different settings to compare.
    I should try that .
    Beautiful colour of the hibiscus!

  3. i loved your comparing shots! you must have needed notes :) at least, i would have! i think i'm leaning towards liking the second phot best!

  4. I like the color in #2 because it is so bright and cheery. I killed my hibiscus when I forgot to give it water during a heat wave earlier this summer, so your bloom makes me envious. :( Great picture!

  5. *sigh* i was going to do macro in the flower garden too, but unfortubately, i didn't have time to do this this week. and even if i did, i wouldn't have been able to shoot my hibiscus b/c they aren't blooming yet! they usually are by now-- i have beautiful pics of them (taken on macro) from MID-july 2 yrs ago. this year they are apparently waiting til we go on vacation in early august.

    and i like #2 better also.

    (no, you don't know me; i haven't commented here before. it was just kind of hard to resist with the hibiscus and all.)

  6. The second one was my favorite as well! :)


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