Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cough

I’ve had this stupid cough for over a week now.  It has gone from productive to just annoying.  I have the worst tickle in my throat and have to force myself to stop coughing so I won’t get sick.  I wake up several times in the night which of course wakes poor dh up as well.  Even the cats won’t sleep with me lol.  Well, actually dear Mimi slept on my pillow for the first time in weeks…didn’t have the heart to tell her that breathing cat fur all night wasn’t really helpful. ;)  I reek of Halls and Vicks Vapor Rub, neither of which has any effect.  I drink so much water I could float a boat.  Last night it got so bad I had to stop talking!  Poor dh worries that I have the swine (there are several bad cases at the hospital where he works) but I know I don’t.  I’ve had asthma all my life and since no one else in the house is sick, I know this is just something I have to deal with.  I am extremely grateful that no one else is sick and that it is, after all, just a cough.  Just a small inconvenience in my life.  That I am ready to be rid of.  Thank you very much.  End of rant.  If you made it this far, please reward yourself by entering my Zhu Zhu pet giveaway.  It’s the least I can do.


  1. Praying that you get rid of the cough soon.
    Of course, A. had to break his right arm which is the one he writes with! : (

  2. I've had a cold/possible sinus infection with the lingering cough and the the inflamed everything and back again for three weeks now. I have finally resorted to apple cider vinegar remedies. It's nasty, but is working.

  3. sounds like when I had whooping cough. I had been vacinated as a child so wasn't as bad as the dc, but it was still terrible. Pray it goes.


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