Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: Winnie’s Story


We’ve had dear Winnie for two years now (oh gosh, three this month!)  His is a cute story.  My fil used to be camp ranger at the Boy Scout Camp.  One summer he had a bad problem with feral cats having kittens in the unused cabins.  My sil is a great animal lover and would get the kittens and do her best to adopt them out.  She mentioned that there was one set of kittens in a cabin that she had not had time to get to.  We just so happened to be planning a trip to the camp around this time. ;)  We had two kitties already, Smokey and Katy, but ds3 was asking if he could have a kitten.  It took a little convincing, but dh gave in and we headed to the cabin.

The kittens were behind an old couch.  My nephew lifted the couch and they scattered!  Ds3 spotted a white one and my other son grabbed it.  Oh the hissing and scratching that ensued.  We wrapped the kitty in a towel and headed home.  When I could get close enough to assess the kitten I could see he was pretty young so I mixed up some kitty formula and showed the boys how to feed it.

Now Winnie (btw I don’t know why in the world ds picked the name Winston, but we call him Winnie) was the strangest little kitten I’d ever encountered.  He did not mew or hiss per se….he spit!  Any time you got near him he’d repeatedly spit…spt spt spt.  You didn’t even have to look into the box we had him in…just walk by and you’d hear the little bugger.

Soon though he outgrew bottle feeding, outgrew spitting and became quite the cute kitten.  Oh the blue eyes!  They are so innocent and curious looking.  And a bit cross eyed as well lol.  He loved the boys but became a momma’s boy himself, fighting all the time over my lap with ds4 (who was about 2 at this time.)  Seriously, he would jump in my lap while ds was in it and crowd the boy out!  Okay, my scanner is not working so I had to take pics of Winnie’s baby pics.

IMG_2806Ds2 helping with a feeding.  IMG_2805Winnie posing on my table with a stuffed pumpkin.

IMG_2689 And here he is now.  He is huge!  When he lays in bed with me he doesn’t cuddle up in a ball, he lays just like this right next to me lol.  He is sweet, quiet and patient.  He loves for his belly and shoulder to be rubbed.  He roams the neighborhood and has many friends (people and cat!)  He sits on my feet to demand petting.

IMG_2695 He’s my beautiful boy. :)  For more cat stories head over to Gattina’s.  Happy COT everyone!


  1. Hi Julie

    That's so interesting how you got Winnie. What happened to the rest of the kitten? Winnie, ..err..."Winston" is surely handsome!

  2. How sweet! He does look like a big boy! How much does he weigh?
    How do the kids feel he is a mama's cat? Precious.

  3. How beautiful! He is Siamese? Winnies story was so interesting. What happened to the others? Winnie was lucky to be found by you. A feral cats life is hard.


  4. For a once feral cat Winnie is an adorable cat!
    The quick hissing is the way Winnie learned to communicate with his scary "outside" world...
    (If I hiss a lot those scary creatures will stay
    away....) I ♥ oriental cats!

  5. That is a sweet story. He looks so beautiful.But we are also curious what happens to the others.

  6. Awww how cool! I have trying feeding kitties but they don't like it maybe I don't have much patience. Your story is very inspiring.

  7. That is so sweet. Winnie is such a cutie. I can just hear him spitting now.

  8. Hello and thank you for visiting. Great shots there,love the last one, he is so long, but beautiful colors and those blue eyes. We almost bought a Siamese, gray with blue eyes, he looked up at my hubby and meowed, saying please take me home, we almost did :) Thank you for sharing his beautiful self. Have a great week/end. cya MOnikaROse


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