Monday, September 28, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday: Oscar the Octopus

muffin tin monday

We haven’t participated in a Muffin Tin Monday in a while!  Mostly my fault, just not feeling creative enough I guess.  But today there was no specific theme and I was going to make a special lunch for ds4’s Kindergarten theme anyway so….

IMG_2952 TaDa!  Ds is studying the letter O and octopus this week so I made him an “Oscar the Octopus” hot dog for lunch, complete with blue jello ocean and grape coral.  That ufo looking thing in the back is an Uncrustable.  We can call it the ocean floor.  Yes we can!

IMG_2955 The boy ate every bit!  And for the record, he didn’t figure out the octopus or ocean theme at all.  He said it was a person sitting in a chair lol.  Ds3 backed me up and explained things for him.  :)  Head over to Michelle’s at Her Cup Overfloweth for more Muffin Tin Monday fun.


  1. That is so cute!! We had blue jell-o last night and I almost put it in Emily's tin too.

  2. That's cute. Love that octopus!

  3. hahaha ... gotta love that boy!!! Very cute tin!

  4. Love the octopus! And the blue jello "ocean" is great too!

  5. I love that octopus, and the ocean is too cute!


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