Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Outdoor Hour Challenge: Birds, Feathers


Okay, this week’s nature study focus continued on birds, specifically the goldfinch, meadowlark and feathers.  We had a very nice neighborhood walk and observed many things but nary a feather at all.  Sigh. 


We did spot a lot of mushrooms.  This tiny one caught our eyes.  Ds4 for some reason has really been into mushrooms and he was excited to find so many.

IMG_2738 See how excited? ;)

IMG_2739 On our way home one of our kitties, Smokey, decided to join in on the walk.

IMG_2740 Crazy cat thinks he’s a dog!

IMG_2741 Ds3 says, “See you guys later!”

IMG_2773 At home we learned about the 6 types of feathers, the 3 main parts, and ds3 colored a goldfinch for his journal.  We are really enjoying our bird study and I think it has made the boys more aware of the birds and bird activity in our neighborhood.

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  1. Peeve has killed a bird and left the feathers in the garage for us so we wouldn't have to go far to do this study!


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