Sunday, September 20, 2009

Outdoor Hour Challenge: Hummingbirds and Flight


We had rain every day this week!  Enough already lol.  We took advantage of a brief break in the wetness on Friday to go on a short nature walk.

IMG_2842 “Aw, poor worm,” says ds4.

IMG_2846 Some pretty wildflowers growing on a fence.

IMG_2850 Ds3 played with his new Lego camper in the river that runs down our street after a rain.

IMG_2849 Fun times.  :)

When we came home we learned about flight using this very cool book.


IMG_2872 And ds adding the hummingbird to his journal.  The Outdoor Hour Challenge is hosted by Barb at Handbookofnaturestudy.  It’s a great way to include nature study in your schooling.  We love it!

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  1. Lookslike you had a fun week. With the fossils and nature walks. We have had ran for the past 2-3 weeks and are about to go into a fourth week of rain. I am ready for the sun!


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