Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn Nature Series: Autumn Tree Study


I am following Barb’s 10 part Autumn Nature Series for the boys’ nature study.  This is part two, part one (cattails) needs to wait until we can get near some cattails lol.

In last year’s nature study the boys followed our rescued crepe myrtle tree in the backyard for the seasonal tree study.  This year I decided the boys could use dh’s new tree in our front yard.  It is an “October Glory Maple” that dh planted to replace one of the pines we lost in the hurricane.

IMG_3257 A little scrawny, but it has come a long way in the few months since dh planted it.  It even has a few leaves changing color, a treat for us here in Florida.  :)


IMG_3259 Ds3 doing his sketching and Smokey joining in on the lesson.

IMG_3261 Let it be known that ds3 HATES drawing and sketching of any type.  It was ds2 who excelled at and really enjoyed that part of our nature studies.  So I am quite happy to get even this much out of ds3.  I did however decide to nudge him along just a bit more…

IMG_3478 We went out and found a green leaf and a leaf that had “turned” off the tree.  I had him trace and color them in in his journal while I discussed with him about why leaves change color.

IMG_3481 The flash messed up the colors here, but I think he did a good job.  He predicted that for the winter study the tree would have no leaves.  So now we wait…


  1. Julie-

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on our tree study! I like your son's leaf tracings- that is a great way to encourage him! I'll have to try it with my son who is also unenthusiastic about drawing!


  2. Julie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love finding new blogs to read and have added you to my list.

    We took leaves off our tree also, and the bugs had eaten so many holes in them that Raymie thought they were ugly, so we didn't make a drawing. I think the leaves make a nice addition to the trees ever lose their leaves in Florida (lol).

  3. Your boys did a great job on their sketches. Mine groan a bit each time. Hoping it will get more fun for them as we go along.

  4. What a great idea to have him predict what the tree will look like in the winter! I might just have to share that idea on my blog. :) (Of course I will give you credit for the really good idea.)

    I am happy to see you are starting a new tree for the year.

    Thanks for sharing your link,
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  5. We tried to do a tree study last year. I was planning one for this year, but so far, no luck.
    The boys are doing a great job!
    Maybe Smokey could draw the sketch with little paw print leaves and post his own Cot column. : )

  6. Great job on the art work - and Smokey looks HUGE.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
    We are really enjoying our nature study with Barb. It's nice to see someone else has a "baby tree"!! We will keep on measuring ours until we can't read anymore :)
    Great sketches!


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