Sunday, October 18, 2009

Galloping The Globe: England

We have completed our second country study in the Galloping the Globe curriculum;  England!  I was excited about this one because dh and I lived in England for 3 years while he was in the military…ds1 was even born there and (up until a year ago) had duel citizenship.  I was eager to revisit this place and share my memories with ds3 and ds4.

I always check out Jolanthe’s site to get ideas for our GTG studies.  Her crew studied knights and castles as part of their England visit and we did, too.  The boys loved it!

IMG_2980 IMG_2981 Here they are in all their naked and pajama clad glory, coloring the templates for a castle.

IMG_2983 Pretty cool what you can do with tp rolls and a little imagination.  ;)

IMG_3200 This led to a morning of Lego castle building of course.

IMG_3585 IMG_3587 IMG_3586 Instead of doing individual lapbooks this year, I’m having the boys put their mini books in a journal of sorts.  This makes a lovely keepsake/portfolio of their school endeavors.  Ds3 had the most fun designing his shield.  He also got a HUGE kick out of the English expressions I shared with him, such as boot and bonnet for a car’s trunk and hood, mate for friend and bobby for policeman.  We spent a lot of time one morning volleying funny phrases back and forth (“Hey mate, get off the bonnet and call the bobby!”)

51JNX1gz69L__AA260_ This book was a big hit as well.  I read it to the boys, a chapter or more a day, while we sat in the pickup line at ds2’s school every afternoon.  Not only did it teach them a lot about castles and knights, but it was a great story that kept them on the edge of their car seats.  :)

51uiGPnv6OL__SL500_AA240_ 612uXcQ5%2BNL__SL500_AA240_ 61zo9-sxkoL__SL500_AA240_ We also used these books for our research.  Love, love, love Usborne books!  On our final day we had a little tea party and stamped our passports.  This was a fun study and the boys (and I) learned a lot.  :) Next stop…France.

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  1. What a great project. I just don't have the imagination that most moms have. We just studied China and the only neat thing we did was make origami books. Now I wish we had eaten on the floor with chop sticks. You have put me to shame...I will strive to better next time!

    I like your idea with the lap book. We have tons of them from last year. They would be easier to keep if we put them in a book like you are doing. We haven't made any lap books yet this year, but when we do I will try it the way you did it.

    Thanks for the great ideas.


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