Friday, October 2, 2009

MFW Kindergarten: Oo for Octopus


This week our theme is the letter o and octopus.  Lots of fun ideas with this one!

We started off the week as usual with the color and cut cards with o sound words…some weird ones, too, that took mom a little effort to figure out lol.  (Ox, and otter were tougher than you would think!)


IMG_2946 I like this pic because you can see him forming the “o” sound with his mouth.  :)

We made a construction paper octopus and added Fruit Loop “suckers” on his arms.  You think the “Where do  babies come from?” question is tough, try the “What are fruit loops made of?” one…yeah, I said fruit and loops.  Gimmie a break, it was Monday.

IMG_2949 I was hoping all along that he wasn’t eating the ones with glue lol.  Well at least it’s non-toxic.  Does it count as fiber?

IMG_2979 Finished product.

IMG_2978 I found a cute book at Kidsoup about an octopus and what animals live in the sea for ds to color and put together.


He had a muffin tin meal with a hot dog octopus and some blue jello “ocean.”

IMG_3223 He painted a paper plate octopus and we attached accordion style folded legs…he got a real kick out of those.  :)

IMG_3260 Yet another fun week in our MFW journey.  Head over to Mishmash Maggie’s to see more weekly highlights and add your own!


  1. What a fun week! I love the muffin tin idea.

  2. I've been holding back, but I just gotta ask, are you going out of MFW order? why?

  3. adding also fyi, I love your stuff and I bookmark it for us!

  4. Can I be in your Kindergarten?

  5. Fun stuff! We are new to MFW & my girls are 11 & 8. I love to see what the Kindergarten through Adventures families are learning since we missed those years.

  6. It looks like you had great fun! I'd love to find out more about how you use your alphabet cards as I see them posted in the background and the Oo one is down. We'll be revisiting K in another year and it is just so sweet seeing the little ones that are enjoying MFW! I am still working on uploading posts from when we did it last so I'll have a pictorial reference for the future. :0)

  7. Looks great! I love the octopus hotdog and the paper plate. I think I could do any craft with a paper plate and my kids would love it (not sure why). Great ideas for me to use in the future weeks. One of the perks of being "behind"! LOL!


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