Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Around The World Lesson Plans

I am so excited about this unit I am planning for the boys for the month of December.  As part of the Galloping The Globe curriculum we are going to study how Christmas is celebrated around the world.  I am also incorporating a study of Christmas symbols and the boys are going to make ornaments for their very own tree based on our studies and various Christmas books.

The first week we will cover the following:

Christmas in Japan
Make a fan ornament
Learn why we have ornaments for the holiday (this link has all the info for all the symbols.)

Christmas in England
Make holly leaves ornament
Listen to The Holly and The Ivy carol
Learn about holly as a symbol for the holiday

Christmas in France
Put up our manger scene
Discuss manger scene as holiday symbol
Read Snow Cat and make snowflake ornament
Away In A Manger carol

I am only covering 9 countries for this unit, and plan on “visiting” only 3 a week.  I don’t want the boys to feel like it’s just too much crafting or have Christmas overload lol.  Here are the plans for week two:

Christmas in Germany
Tree as a symbol
Read The Biggest Most Beautiful Christmas Tree and make a tree ornament
Oh Christmas Tree carol

Christmas in Mexico
poinsettia as symbol
Read The Miracle of the First Poinsettia and make poinsettia ornament

Christmas in Spain
Bells as symbol
Read Jingle Bells and make bell ornament
Jingle Bells carol

Final Week:

Christmas In Russia
St. Nicholas as symbol
Santa Clause ornament

Christmas in China
Paper chain ornament

Christmas in Nigeria
Christmas carols as symbol
Little Drummer Boy carol
Drum ornament

I’ll be sure and post all the international Christmas fun.  :)


  1. Those are fun lessons. I haven't done a Christmas around the world theme in a few years. Maybe it's time to try again and bake lots of cookies from around the world.

  2. Those are great! That is something we may have to do, thanks for sharing it!

  3. And St Nikolaas in the Netherlands on Dec5th and 6th?

  4. This looks fun! Enjoy your unit!


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