Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Thoughts

I don’t personally think of New Year’s as a holiday.  Don’t know why, maybe after all the Thanksgiving/Christmas hoopla I am just partied out.  Never been a big fan of losing sleep or drinking, so what’s the point?  That being said, we will be hosting a gathering (completely against my will) today.  Just my brother and his wife.  We hardly get to see them so it’s a welcome event, but I fear there are ulterior motives for the visit.  Ah, gotta love family.

I am glad it’s an “ends in 0” year.  I like years that end in 5 and 0.  Lots of good things have happened for me in 5 and 0 years.  My dh and three of my children were born in 0 and 5 years (as was my granddaddy…in 1900.  Wow, he would have been 110.  Weird.)  I graduated high school in a 5 year.  And when you stink at math like I do, 0 and 5 years are easy on the brain.  :)

Yes, I “do” resolutions.  I like to think of them more as year long goals.  Last year I resolved to keep up with my photo albums.  I did it, too.  Check it out.

IMG_5106  This is a little cabinet in my entryway.  It currently houses albums from 2002 to an (almost) finished 2009 (just waiting on the Christmas pics to come in the mail.)  I tell ‘ya that feels GOOD!  I am all caught up and ready for next year.  I did it pretty frugally, too, as I waited for specials and freebies to order prints.

So what are my resolutions this year? 

  1. Continue with keeping up with photos
  2. Use more reusable bags for groceries
  3. Limit buying by using library more and making more things from scratch
  4. Read the Bible in a year

I think they are pretty attainable goals, and I will be sure and blog my progress.  Oooh, I see a once-a-month post in my future!  Happy New Year’s to you all.  :)

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