Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some Motivation For Me!

So you may or may not remember I am on a weight loss adventure, begun in August of this year and somewhat chronicled at this blog.  Well, I found another blogger also on this tedious journey (but with a way cooler blog for it…why didn’t I think of using a Twilight theme??) who will be hosting weekly weigh ins with the option of yapping a bit as well.  I’m all into weight loss and yapping so I’m jumping on this bandwagon for sure!  I will still post my exercise and eating entries at the other blog but will do weekly weigh ins here…just to bug you ‘cause I love you.

I made it through Thanksgiving with no gain!  No loss either, but no gain.  I am at 156 and stuck there for life it seems.  However two sets of in-laws at our Thanksgiving dinner actually noticed that I had lost weight.  No one else has noticed yet so I was pretty excited about that.  13 pounds doesn’t make that much of a difference in clothes and appearance, but has made a big difference in how I feel.  I can run/jog on the track.  I can do the jumps and hops on my exercise dvd’s and not “modify” those moves.  I can do lunges holding 5 pound weights and not take breaks.  Nice.  Lesson learned?  It’s not always so much about how you look, but how you feel.  But I am ready to feel even better lol so I am not giving up yet.  :)


  1. Great for you Julie, I'm so glad you are joining in too!

  2. Well done! It's so hard, isn't it? I've been exercising since January and slowly changing my ways. I can now put my hand and arm down the side of all of my skirts - so something is good. But I'm NOT weighing myself. I think that becomes too obsessive. But to think of it in terms of vampires??? Hmmmm....

  3. No, absolutely don't give up! I hit a plateau after a nearly 40 pound weight loss three years ago. Ultimately, I got frustrated, gave up, and gained it all back plus some. *sigh*

    What I wouldn't give to be starting now where I was then. No matter what happens this time around, I have vowed not to lose whatever ground I've gained when I hit that inevitable plateau.

    Thanks for weighing in this week! I look forward to continuing this journey with you. Praying that you get over the hump soon...and long before you get frustrated.

  4. I will have to check out this site, I need to lose so bad. it is really hard to get motivated during the holidays.



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