Friday, January 29, 2010

Homeschool Kindergarten: MFW Ee for Elephant

This week starts a focus on zoo animals for the next month.  First off is Ee for Elephant.  We began by reading all about elephants in our Zoobooks and Zootles.

IMG_5438 He is wearing a cute zookeeper’s hat we made from a design here.

IMG_5444 Working on his MFW lessons.

IMG_5450 He mixed black and white paint to make grey, and then painted a paper plate and added elephant features.  He asked if this was a good “artist’s” pose lol.

IMG_5453 Complete with a little heart.  :) 


  1. This looks like a fun unit. I am hoping it will be warm enough to go on some field trips soon. I do not like snow!

  2. Are you reading the Kipling stories? How the elephant got its big ears? I think it's available at Gutenberg online.


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