Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekly Weigh In


This morning I am down another pound, at 151.  Whoo Hoo!  I had to be pretty strict with the eating since I haven’t been able to exercise as much with the hurt back (I think I should buy stock in Big Red gum lol.)  I think I may be able to reach my goal of 150 before my physical on the 19th.

This week I am weighing in on…weighing in!  How often do you weigh yourself?  I never did before I began this journey.   Now that I am trying to lose, I weigh almost every day.  Just morbid curiosity I think (or wishful thinking lol.)  I’ve heard that you should only weigh yourself once a week or so since weight fluctuates so much and then I’ve heard where you should weigh yourself every day in order to catch any weight gain right away.  There is an expert for every opinion.

Our scale is old.  I had a coupon for $10 off a new scale so I splurged a whole $9.99 on a new one.  It keeps track of two different weights and tells you if you’ve gained or lost.  Of course there is a problem.  New scale weighs me in at at least 2 pounds less than old scale (149 vs 151.)  I had everyone in the house test it as well (Katy the cat, btw, is NOT all fluff and weighs 12 pounds!)  I don’t know what to do!  Dh says use the new scale but I don’t trust it.  He asked what I weighed at the dr office last week and I said it said 154 with clothes and boots on.  “Well, the military allows you 5 pounds for clothes so there you go.”  “I wasn’t wearing combat boots, hon.”  The confusion continues. 

Please visit Kris at Eclipsed for more weekly weigh-ins.  Next week…weighing in on diet cat food.  ;)


  1. LOL diet cat food :)

    well, I never used to weigh myself either but since I started this I am weighing every day. the problem this last week was I was doing great and after 3 days had lost 3 lbs and was so excited but then we went to chilis one night and my total for the whole week ended up being only 2 lbs. still good, but I think if I am only recording it every week it would be nice not to know I went lower and then gained :)

    not sure what to say about the scale. our old one didn't even go high enough for me so I bought a digital on and my husband was disappointed because the old one (with a dial) showed him 20 lbs lighter! as long as it is leveled right, i'd trust the new one

  2. I try to weigh just once a week. I do sometimes sneak a peak about Thursday or Friday, which is halfway between my previous weigh-in and my next official one. I figure that gives me an idea if I'm on track or if I need to step it up a bit.

    Since I joined The Biggest Loser group at my friend's church, I guess I'll be weighing in on Sundays, too. They weigh later in the day than I normally do, though, and I was four pounds heavier on their scale, at their weigh-in time, than I was on my scale at my normal weigh-in time. I'm sticking with my scale as my personal "official" since that's what I've been weighing on all along. A pound lost is a pound lost.

    I don't think it matters which of your scales you use, as long as you use the same on consistently. As I said, a pound lost is a pound lost, so as long as you're weighing on the same scale each week, you're getting an accurate picture of your weight-loss even though your actual weight may vary a bit from scale to scale.

    Good luck getting that last pound off before your doctor visit next week!

  3. I weighed myself one day a couple of weeks ago, ate healthy, etc. etc. and weighed myself the next day. I had gained three pounds!!!! It turned out to be PMS gain, but still!!! Now I hate to weigh myself.


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