Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekly Weigh In


Didn’t lose a bit this week.  Probably pms stuff ‘cause I have been exercising just fine and eating well too.  Curse this 40yo metabolism!

This week I am weighing in with a few things that have helped me stay motivated and on track with this journey. 

14814130 Sorry, that’s the best pic I could find.  Do you read All You?  Have you seen their special Health and Fitness issue?  It’s well worth a look with lots of exercise and eating tips, and a special section with readers who share free online weight loss tools.  I like how the focus with All You is on real people.

low-carb_2089_255511 I truly recommend these Arnold Sandwich Thins.  They are delicious, nutritious and only 100 calories.  They make great tasting sandwiches and since they are round can be used to make a lighter hamburger as well (while I haven’t had a french fry since beginning this journey in August of last year, I do still enjoy dh’s grilled burgers.)

I know I ranted way too much about Biggest Loser last week so I’ll just give a brief recap:  Still don’t like the red team.  ;)  Be sure and weigh in this week with Kris at Eclipsed.


  1. thanks for commenting on my blog and thanks for the tip about the thin bread. I make all my own bread products and have to admit, my hamburger buns do tend to be a bit on the big side. maybe I need to work on making my own "thins" LOL sorry now weight loss this week, but some weeks are like that. keep up the good work and it will come :)

  2. I love those Arnold's sandwich thins. They make a great base for a lower fat pizza, too. I just top with pizza sauce and a little bit of mozzarella and toast in the oven a bit.

    I so do NOT like the red team. That woman is too much like Vicki from two seasons ago. I liked the green team at first, but they've been too whiny and bitter for me lately. And, for the record, I totally think the wrong person was sent home this week.

  3. Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I've had fun exploring yours too! We have a lot in common actually! Except I'm in the frozen tundra of MN and you are in much warmer territory! We actually hope to get down to FL this spring to visit my brother who works at Disney as a singer in the Voices of Liberty at Epcot. What part of FL are you in?

    PS - I didn't lose at all this week too, despite having a good week of eating and exercise last week. I think it is our body's way of 'taking a break'.

    PSS - I ALSO don't like the red team one bit, especially the woman. AND I agree with Kris above...the wrong person went home of the two IMHO. This is my first season EVER watching TBL though, and I love it. Good motivation too!


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