Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In: Stuck


I think we can officially say at this point that I am stuck, at a road block, have hit the wall, reached a plateau, HAVE NOT MOVED FROM 150 POUNDS IN WEEKS.

So how do we look at this?  No gain, so that’s good.  I know those 19 pounds I lost are pretty much good and gone.  But do I want to stay at 150?  No, not really.  My dr. says I am just over the edge for a healthy BMI so I really need to keep going.  I don’t mind 150 at all except for this darn belly of mine.  So we are agreed, I should keep losing.

But how?  How?  I already exercise as much as I can and still a) take proper care of my family and b) not drop dead from exhaustion.  I make healthy choices in my eating and have cut back, frankly, as far as I am willing to go.  I don’t go over 1500 calories a day.  I don’t eat sweets, fried foods, and drink water 24/7!  What else can I do?

Sigh.  Maybe I am missing something.  Maybe someone out there can look at things from a different angle and lend me a hand.  Maybe I am just never meant to be under 150 again.

Whew, what a pity party lol!  Okay, now that that is over, I’m going to weigh in on something else.  The Biggest Loser.  I only have one thing to say about that.  Red team is down to one member.   It’s about time! :)

Thanks to Kris for hosting the weekly weigh in over at her Twilight themed weight loss blog, Eclipsed.


  1. I need to begin exercising again. It's to cold to go out. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!: ) Good job on the 19 lbs.

  2. Julie great job on the 19lbs! Isnt hitting a plateau frustrating!! I have found what helps me get past them the most is switching things up.Not adding more excersise but changing what excersise your doing. If you usually workout in the gym try getting out in the fresh air. If your a workout video kinda gal buy a new one. Or try an excersise style you have never done like belly dancing,yga or kickboxing.Good luck!!

  3. I know how frustrating that is -- believe me, I know. That's what happened to me when I did Weight Watchers. I hit that wall and after a while I got frustrated, gave up, and eventually gained it all back plus some. So, it's definitely better to stay where you are than to gain. I'm still not back down to where I was when I hit my plateau and I still find myself thinking how much closer I'd be to my goal now if I could have started off where I was then.

    All that being said, what helped me when I hit my mini-plateau a couple of weeks ago was: 1) changing up my cardio routine (I switched from the treadmill to the stationary bike) and 2) making myself quit being so OCD about my eating habits. I was still careful about what I ate but not militant about it.

    Hang in there! You'll get over this hump sooner or later. (I'll pull for sooner!)


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