Saturday, March 13, 2010

5 & 10 Weekend

A young lady I used to work with now owns a pair of cute “antique” shops…really she just rents booths to people to sell stuff, but you can find neat items and good bargains.  About 4 times a year she holds a “5 & dime” weekend where each vendor puts out a few knick knacks for .05 and 10 cents.  Check out what I got for $1.60!

IMG_6292 Okay, two plastic margarita type glasses, two cute flag mugs (saving those for summer,) an adorable mini picnic basket, a notepad and pen, new gardening gloves, a fabric bookmark, a little ceramic Easter chick, a poodle stamp, a decorated Easter box, and two 8x10 frames.  Oh, and ds4 got a cute crafted egg, a toy turtle and the bunny yo-yo.  Too much fun for under 2 bucks!

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