Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cats On Tuesday: A Visitor


We are very welcoming of kitty visitors at my home.  Well, let me clarify that a bit.  The boys and I are very welcoming…the cats and my dh not so much.  ;)

This cutie has been showing up in our yard the past few days.

IMG_6094 Aw, look at that face!  He’s kinda white/grey, small like Mimi and very fluffy.  He’s shy, but friendly.

IMG_6060 I know it doesn’t look like a friendly encounter, but they were actually just playing.

IMG_6082 Dh is in the process of repairing our screened porch and here you see the little visitor figured out that some parts of the screen are indeed missing and made his way into our back porch.  However, he is not the brightest kitty in the bunch, as he has run into the screened areas (once at full speed!) and bumped his noggin trying to get in or out.

IMG_6093 Ds3 is in love!  I’ve had a hard time getting him to concentrate in school because of our visitor.  I think the little guy must have come from some new renters down the street as he showed up shortly after they moved in and he seems well fed (believe me, the boys have been offering him enough food and water to feed a dozen cats and he has yet to partake lol.)

IMG_6106 IMG_6091

So there is the tale of our feline visitor.  And his fluffy tail.  ;)

For more kitty fun be sure and visit Gattina’s.  Happy COT!


  1. And a FLUFFY indeed:) (what a pretty boy, maybe you can 'share')

  2. Hi Julie
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Those 2 cats sometimes get along, but mostly they don't. It's only at supper time that they argue like that.
    I did take that header picture. I have so many Juncos here, and there is always one willing to pose.
    I like your visitor cat. Very pretty.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. When I saw his face I had to laugh ! he has a cross eyed look, lol ! No wonder that school is forgotten !

  4. He does look well fed. It's nice he comes to visit you all and is friendly.

  5. OH my what a beautiful vistor and I can see why
    your dh is so entralled! I love blue eyed kitty
    babies! So cute!

  6. Your visitor is so fluffy and pretty. I can see why your son loves him. Maybe he will become a permanent visitor?


  7. Beautiful Cats.
    They means so much for <cildren when they get very well along

  8. Great post! If only all of our guests were as polite as yours. He's a good looking one!

  9. Prudence would surely welcome guests cats and be friendly with them.

  10. It was a wonderful surprise, I also would love to play with you dear friend, you have a beautiful place there!
    purrs and love

  11. What a pretty (or handsome) visitor!


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