Monday, March 8, 2010

Digging Up Some Fun


I am going to be starting a study on rocks and minerals with the boys soon.  I am waiting on a package of rock samples for them to use.  I went EVERYWHERE the last time we were in town, looking for some rock samples.  Even the SCHOOL SUPPLY STORE didn’t have any!  I did come across this crystal mining kit at Hobby Lobby (the pic is linked to the same kit from Amazon) and put it aside for the study.  Silly me, what boy can resist a crystal mining kit?  Ds3 has been begging me to let him play with it all weekend and again this morning…and I gave in.  ;)

IMG_6178 Oh the concentration!  Seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen ds work so patiently on something.

IMG_6184 Ds4’s turn.

IMG_6186 Making some progress.  I wish I had the camera focused on ds instead, his face as he started to see the crystals was just priceless!

IMG_6187 Ds4 is keeping a very close eye on ds3’s excavation process. 

The kit came with a neat card and little plastic covers for the samples.

IMG_6203 This made a nice little project to whet their appetites for our rock study.  $10 well spent!

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