Monday, April 19, 2010

Beauty In A Bottle

Actually it’s in some jars lol.  My dh and ds4 gathered some flowers from our yard this weekend and displayed them on my kitchen table.

IMG_7097 On the left we have some azaleas interspersed with some vines.  On the right is some roses from my one and only rose bush.

IMG_7096 It smells wonderful!  It really enhanced my Sunday morning paper reading ritual.  :)  My dad and I have a running joke about my roses…the darn plant blooms several times a year with beauties like these and I don’t do a thing to take care of it!  I don’t water it, prune it, fertilize it or anything.  My poor dad takes such good care of his roses and is chagrined that I get similar results with no effort at all. 

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  1. Those flowers are lovely. I'm impressed with your "efforts" with the roses too. : )


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