Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cats On Tuesday


Nothing much happening in the cat world.  Everyone is just doing their thing.

IMG_6352 Mimi is still just so cute no one can resist hugging her.

IMG_6781Smokey is still king of his yard, always on guard to chase away unwanted visitors.

IMG_6928 Katy is still the queen, sleeping on dh’s pillow while he is away at work.

IMG_2963 Winnie is still his beautiful cross-eyed self.

IMG_6790 And this guy still comes by to see us most every day.  I call him Mr. Fluffykins, even though I don’t even know if he is a he or a she.  But I have to call him something when he comes visiting, don’t I?  :)

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  1. Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet week! And some day it will happen to me!! Beautiful kitties as always.

  2. Beautiful cats. Love Winnie's crossed eyes. Even visiting Mr Fluffykins' eyes are slightly crossed :)

  3. Quiet is good! Poor Mimi is she/he unsqueezed yet? It's funny how kids hug cats and the faces on the squeezed cat are even funnier! LOL

  4. Love to see al your cats. They are beautiful!

  5. If I would live with Winnie I would laugh the whole day looking in his eyes, it's soooo funny a cross eyed cat, lol ! Here too everybody leads his little way of life, I think they hope for warmer weather !

  6. What a handsome gang you've got! :)

  7. You got such cute cats...how can you remember all their names? MOL!

  8. What a lovely bunch you have - each in their own way!


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