Friday, May 7, 2010

Flat Stanley’s Adventures

Well, our week is up and Flat Stanley is currently sitting in our mailbox, awaiting the mail lady so he can begin his travels back home to my niece.  We had a fairly boring week but I think Stanley enjoyed his visit nonetheless.  ;)

IMG_7496 He did go with ds1 to the beach to help volunteers gather seashells and pick up trash before the oil slicks start to arrive.  You see, Flat Stanley is very passionate about our environment.

IMG_7506 He cares about all animals, even those of the stuffed variety.

IMG_7511 He’s also a mad gamer!  I think he even ousted dh for top score on the Joust machine.  What a guy.  We will miss him.

IMG_7487 Well, maybe not Winnie.

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