Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach Babes


Of course dh couldn’t have a week off work and not go to the beach lol!  We picked a perfect day for it…slightly overcast so we didn’t get super hot, the water was crystal clear, the beach wasn’t crowded.  We had a great time (and not a tar ball in sight!)  As ds4 gets bigger and braver it is more fun to go to places like the beach with him…he doesn’t need to be held in the water anymore and he and I both enjoy his newfound freedom.  ;)

IMG_0975 He got a few “surfing” lessons from dh.  In this pic you can tell how clear the water was and see straight to the bottom.

IMG_0978 Here both my surfer dudes are waiting for a big one.  ;)


At least at Pensacola Beach the sand is still powder white and beautiful.  We have been very lucky so far with few incidences of oil either on the beach or in the water.  Very strange to see oil collection and hand washing stations all over the beach, but you can’t say BP isn’t staying involved and trying to help. 

Dh’s week off is over and we are all bummed.  Only two more weeks until school.  Time to stock up on sweet tea and Tylenol…I mean pencils and paper.  ;)


  1. Oooh! It looks like such fun! My kids are dying to go to the beach but we live on the High Plains, so there isn't much chance of that happening very soon.

  2. I forgot it's summer holidays. How lovely!

  3. Hi Julie, looks like you guys have been having a great time. We will be enjoying our beach next week, Gulf Shores. I guess that makes us neighbors. As people from Alabama would say, howdy!


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