Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cats On Tuesday


I was outside watching the boys play one afternoon and spotted Mimi enjoying some shade.  When I started to take pics of her she ambled over.

IMG_1498 At first she was all lovey dovey, rubbing my legs and being sweet.

IMG_1501 Her rubbing policy is “no leg left behind.”

IMG_1502 Then I reached down to pet her and she went in for the kill…she bit my ring!  This is something she has always done.  When I pet her she will purr and lick my hand but if she sees my ring she must bite it.

IMG_1503 I don’t know why she does this.

IMG_1504 Only Mimi knows.

IMG_1505 Let’s just hope she never actually succeeds in biting it off!

For more kitty fun head over to Gattina’s.  Happy Cats On Tuesday!


  1. Perhaps Mimi got influenced by her friend magpie who's into glittering things!

  2. Adorable set of pictures, I would like to pet her as well! Cute moment!

  3. Maybe she is able to see the sparkle of the stone? I had a dog once that loved zippers and went after them every time she spotted one.
    Mimi is cute and I enjoyed the pictures catching her in action.

  4. Great shots - some of ours love buttons and try to nip those off.

  5. We also hope she doesn't get her teeth stuck in it! That happened once when Munchkin was biting my ring!

  6. Cute pictures. We would like to pet her too...

  7. I wonder if this is typical for tuxi cats ! Rosie does that too ! When I pet her she purrs and leaks my hand and suddenly she bites ! It's already a little better because I show her that I am very angry (sometimes it really hurts). None of my other cats do this, and I have Rosie since she was 6 weeks old, I don't know why she bites !

  8. Mimi, you like jewelry and want some for yourself?

  9. Target does exactly the same. Weird huh?

  10. Mimi wants The Ring, Julie! Give her one! ;-)

  11. Maybe she's trying to remove the ring......coz she only wants to feel your skin!


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