Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outdoor Hour: Summer Weather


For nature study this week we focused on summer weather.  Specifically we observed a sunrise and sunset.  We tackled the sunset first.

IMG_1668 We sat on the front lawn and watched the sky slowly change colors.  If you look closely in this pic you can see some sunrays shooting up through the clouds.


We talked about what we could see (cool colors in the clouds) and hear (birds, crickets and frogs) and feel (slight breeze, soft grass.)  I asked them to compare the evening sensations to what we felt walking across the supermarket parking lot around lunch time…big difference lol!



The boys made some drawings in their nature journals.  We attracted a lot of attention, from neighbors out on bike rides or walks, from their friend across the street, and from…

IMG_1685 Mr. Fluffykins, the neighbor cat!  He ambled over to see what had drawn us out on the lawn.

IMG_1686 And loaned us the use of his laser eyes for the remainder of our observations.

We had every intention of getting up early and ushering in the sunrise in the back yard, but of course life got in the way.  Dh came home from his two week trip to California and the boys spent his first day back glued to hip lol.  Then they got sick, ds3 with the worst of it.  Although I have no pics to document it, ds3 and I did observe the sunrise this morning, through the living room curtains, after having spent a rough night on the couch. 

IMG_1678 Ds was not too impressed and just wanted to lay back down.  I was reminded that following every dark period there will be a light.  :)  Yawn.  Times like this I wish I drank coffee.  For more great nature study ideas please head over to Barb’s.


  1. Great Sunset Study! Sorry you got to do the Sunrise one . . . It will be better in the winter. When sunrise comes at like 9. :) We have twilight here until almost ten year round. We live tucked up and under an eastern ridge. The plus side is that we have evening sun til late - Glad you are doing the studies with us!

  2. Nice to see you back to the challenges! I love the sun rays up into the clouds...lovely. We were able to observe sunrise this morning because it is arriving so much later now, too bad we had clouds obstructing our view.:)

    Hope all are feeling better soon! Thanks for sharing your link.

  3. Mr. Fluffykins was obviously a big help. :)

  4. Fun activity - and love fluffykins!

  5. Hi Julie, Thatnasty bug must be going around down south because my bunch has it also.
    Is there a group of you doing the nature study together? If so, how do you all do it and how does it work? Traci


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