Monday, September 27, 2010

September Field Trip: Wildlife Sanctuary

I posted a bit about our visit to the local wildlife sanctuary in our Outdoor Hour nature study, but I had to give the sanctuary it’s own post as it was an awesome field trip!


Our purpose in this visit was to see the owls, as we were studying about them at the time.  But the sanctuary provided an afternoon of great fun and lots of learning about many different types of wildlife in our area.  Ds2 even commented, “Why do we bother going to the zoo?” during our tour of the facility.

IMG_1957 Each enclosure had it’s own plaque describing the animal it housed, how it came to live at the sanctuary and the adversities the animal faces in the wild.  I was saddened to learn that even 6 years later there are many animals still living at the sanctuary due to Hurricane Ivan.

IMG_2028 Bald eagles!  Too cool!

IMG_1958 The place was peppered with adorable signs and my guys happily posed under many of them.

IMG_1964 This sign had special meaning for ds4, as he and dh call each other “Bobcat.” 

IMG_1971 The sanctuary is on Bayou Chico and is visited by various water fowl.  This guy posed for me with pride.

IMG_1994  A Great Egret perched on a nearby dock.

IMG_1992 A group of pelicans were visiting while we were there.

IMG_1995 Check out how big his beak is!  He can really twist and reach for his food.

IMG_2013 These guys are grooming after their meal.

IMG_2018 My boys watched the show for quite a while.

IMG_1979 The boys could compare their “wingspan” with those of various local birds.

Inside the building was a small display of bird nests and eggs as well as some animal skeletons and pictures of baby animals born at the sanctuary over the years.  The boys left an offering in the donation box before we left.  I am so glad we made this trip and know that my boys came away from it with a great appreciation for our local wildlife.

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