Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week Two: The Wait Is Over

Alrighty, week two of our homeschool year went pretty well.  In fact, most days we finished so early I found myself taking a closer look at my schedule book and wondering if I should be fitting more stuff in.  I’m going to hold off any adjustments just yet, we are still in the honeymoon phase after all lol.


We began our states study this week!  Ds3 will be learning about two states a week and compiling a notebook to showcase the information.  I am preparing a separate post with links to all the goodies we will be using for this study.  This week we tackled Delaware and Pennsylvania and enjoyed some yummy snacks related to each state…a sweet peach drink and classic smores.

IMG_1622 IMG_1641 Who knew learning about the states could be so delicious!

Our SOTW studies focused on mummies and pyramids.  For anyone using SOTW this year I highly recommend getting The Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History as a companion resource.  The book itself is very colorful and informative, but the websites it links to are awesome.  The boys got to play a game where they were an assistant to a mummy maker and explore the inside of a real pyramid online.  They also made pyramids out of legos and sugar cubes.

IMG_1634 The lego version with a mini figure king wedged inside.

IMG_1642 Constructing the sugar cube version.

IMG_1647 The masterpieces!

Things got very hands on with our McWizKid science this week as we explored whether air takes up space.


And we finished off the week with nature studies, observing summer weather complete with sunrise and sunset.

IMG_1681 More on that in our Outdoor Hour post.  :)

The best part of the week?  Our daddy comes home today!!  He has been at a school in California for two weeks, since day one of our homeschool year and we are super excited to finally head to the airport and pick him up.  My boys have been very good these two weeks but I am soooo ready to relinquish my post as temporarily single mom.  The main lesson we all learned from this experience?  Waiting stinks!  ;)

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